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DEVOURER by Alica Minar & col. - TRAILER
DEVOURER by Alica Minar & col. - TRAILER

One body, a bunch of black balls, a clear task and countless greed. A dance performance inspired by the principles of the clown figure and black hole theory. DEVOURER exists only to have. In a determined effort to take everything for its own, it absorbs light, inhales space and materializes time. Its transformation manifests gradually. A body of greed caught in action/span>. How can the "self" be maximized? Singularity. It's a hypothetical point. "I am a star, I shine like a supernova...or have I become a black hole?"

Choreography and Performance:
Alica Minar
Etienne Haan
Light Design:
Raquel Rosildete
Lenka Vořechovská
Katarína Bakošová
Set and Costume Design:
Claudia Besuch
Costume Collaboration:
Hana Brandejs, Sabryna Nitihardjo
Choreographic Assistance:
Evgenia Chetvertkova, Tereza Sikorová
Alica Minar & col. z.s. & rawtrip GbR