Lush Blastcurrent project

Lush blast follows the notion of wilderness as a tool to practice letting go of control and celebrating life’s richness. The performative walk guides the attention from the subtleties of biological processes to the orchestration of various bodies. Along the way, stories, songs, and exercises to guide the attention, and perception and fuel the imagination will be shared. In the process, the senses are drawn to the minor movements, interconnections, and the impulses of wilderness of the surroundings. The narration will be weaved in a hybrid way, mixing both live performance, archived materials, and live sound installation. Can dance mend our land ties, promoting an alternative relationship with the environment intimately imbricated with our bodies?

Alica Minar and Dorota Michalak started the development of this Performative Walk format within residencies at HELLERAU in Dresden.

Choreography, dance:
Dorota Michalak (PL/DE), Alica Minar (CZ/DE)
Breeanne Saxton (US/DE)
& the romantic horse by Ola Zielińska (PL/DE) & Agnieszka Kucharska (PL/DE)
Stage design:
Natálie Rajnišová (CZ)
Light design:
Raquel Rosildete (BR/DE)
Maikon Kempinski (BR/DE)
Text and communication:
Katarína Bakošová (SK/CZ)
Dorota Michalak (PL/DE), Alica Minar & col. z.s. (CZ)

Financial support

State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic