Wobblycurrent project

Wobbly - Alica Minar & col. - TRAILER

A bizarre movement poem.

A creature that playfully, without thinking, discovers the world and plunges itself into the present moment. On the border between abstraction and narration, Wobbly balances itself precariously above triviality. As a ball of unimaginably massive problems suddenly untangles, we are confronted with emptiness and oversaturation and our inner world begins to glow with color. The driving force behind this quirky movement poem is the desire for the heart to leap.

Choreography and dance:
Alica Minar
Etienne Haan
Light Design Constultation:
Raquel Rosildete
Wanda Golonka, Susanne Vincenz


The performance was created as part of the MA Choreography program at HZT Berlin and with friendly support from Deutschen Bühnenverein and Landesverband Berlin.