WOODS WON’T VAPORIZEcurrent project

trailer indoor WOODS WON'T VAPORIZE
trailer outdoor WOODS WON'T VAPORIZE

A journey towards nature. A surreal dreamscape dwelling in the soft connections of a forest ecosystem.

One tree, two trees, three trees… woods.

A group of dancers along with the wider artistic team guide a vibrant rediscovery of the forest in and around us. A complex and deeply interconnected system that lies beyond our comprehension in its own temporality. Creating a surreal dreamscape, the work draws inspiration from the forest ecosystem and the anatomy of trees. It invites us to stretch the roots, to feel their mutual touch, to ground ourselves, to imagine the decomposition of tissues, feel the sap flow, and breathe. It is a reminder that while humans wage forest wars amongst each other, the forest continues to live its life cycles far from the human illusion of control. The woods won’t give up, they will stay, they will outlive us, they will not evaporate.

Artistic direction and choreography:
Alica Minar
Artistic research:
Dorota Michalak, Alica Minar
Performance and creation:
Adela Maharani, Eduard Adam Orszulik, Helén Tamaskó, Lenka Vořechovská, Milena Romanenko, Neus Montané, Suze Vonk
Set and costume design:
Anna Poleteli
Zuzana Žabková
Movement collaboration:
Breeanne Saxton
Text and research:
Katarína Bakošová
Vi Huyen Tran
Light design:
Raquel Rosildete
Set and costume design assistance:
Hana Brandejs
Zuna Kozánková, Erik Baláž
Lauren Fitzgerald and Alica Minar & col.


Tep 39, Praha (CZ)
PO_KO_ŘEN, Praha (CZ)
Marzahn Movement Studios, Berlin (DE)

Financial support

The artistic research of Dorota Michalak and Alica Minar was supported by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR and HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts.
the Prague City Hall
Erasmus+ Internship